The Power of Facebook

This just happened to me last week and I wanted to share the situation as an illustration of how Facebook can bring you business.

I worked with a client several years ago. Recently we connected on Facebook. We really did not have much interaction, but we were Facebook Friends. I noticed the other day that he had posted on his wall that he was having a very serious health issue and was worried. I posted a note on his wall in support and as I am a Christian I offered to pray for his need and family. I followed the progress of his situation closely and actively prayed as he went through his testing and diagnosis. Everything turned out fine fortunately for him and that was a blessing for both of us.

By sharing his need, he had a well spring of concerned friends on Facebook rise up to help pray for his need and offer emotional support. This was a wonderful blessing to both him and to his friends who read the messages of support from his Facebook community.

What happened through our online exchange afterward though proves the real power of connecting and sharing using Facebook.

In my specific case this previous client, due to our recent interaction then referred another colleague to me for services and then approached me to do more work for his own website and book project. Now, I did not post to his Facebook wall to get business, but to express a heartfelt concern for him, but when people connect, they sometimes like to do business together. This is the power of Facebook. Facebook provides an environment to share, to connect, to help. In doing so you can sometimes reap the rewards of a connection with increased business opportunities.

If you are not showing the “real” you on Facebook, now’s the time to drop your “corporate mask” and stretch yourself. People want to connect with the you on Facebook give it a try and  you may find out as I have, that Facebook can definitely bring you business.