How Do You Know if Your Twitter Account is Hacked?

Twitter is an important marketing tool and you want to make sure to protect your followers from blocking you or not trusting you by watching your tweets. Having your Twitter account be hacked can create havoc with your ability to have an authoritative voice in your arena.

You will not always know your account has been hacked but here are some tips to help you keep tabs.

1. Use a Twitter application like HootSuite or TweetDeck and make one of the columns set to show all your own published tweets. You know what you’ve written, so if you start to see tweets that are not yours take immediate action. If you use a tweet ghost writer, make sure that you yourself periodically go to and check your tweet list and direct messages. Sometimes you will see problems or tweets with links that do not belong.

2. Guard your Twitter password and be very careful with the third party applications that you give access to your Twitter account and Twitter password to. If you suspect a problem, just immediately change your Twitter password to lock out potential problem applications.

3. If your blog is hacked and you are using any Twitter plug-ins, most likely your Twitter account has been hacked as well. Now’s the time to change your password on your blog AND on Twitter.

4. Watch your direct messages in Twitter. In many cases followers will let you know that you sent them something weird and out of the ordinary. Don’t blow that off, start digging as most likely you have been hacked. In many cases the tweets from a hacked account will go out in the middle of the night so you may not see them first thing in the morning unless you have a column set up as in number one.

I recommend vigilance. Just watch what is happening on your Twitter account. You don’t want to lose the loyal following you’ve created with a hacked account that posts garbage alienating your followers.


Do Double Duty With Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog writer or are writing for your own blog, it is time to “think outside the box” when it comes to using your content. Here are just a few of my suggestions. Now before you start though, if you pay a writer to write for your blog, you must make sure you have the rights to use your blog content in the ways I am suggesting.

1. For well received blog posts consider taking them and posting them on Google Knoll or American Chronicle as well as a few well chosen article syndication sites. Your blog posts should be at least 275 to 300 words long and should not be just on selling your own products and services.

2. Consider using your best blog posts as content for a quarterly e-newsletter. Choose the posts you really like or check your website statistics to see which blog posts got the most traffic then consider expounding on that topic further in your e-newsletter. As many blog readers will not be e-newsletter subscribers and vice versa you are pretty safe with reusing some content, just try to add fresh ideas to your newsletter as well.

3. If you’ve had great traffic with a blog post think on maybe paying your blog writer to do a mini whitepaper on the same topic that you can offer as a free download on your website. Better yet provide the download only after you have gotten the readers email address to start creating your own list for your own marketing uses.

There are lots of ways you can creatively re-use your content, but just make sure you have the proper rights to do so before you start.


Blog Showcase

I’ve got a few blogs I would like to showcase, some are new clients and some we’ve been blogging for for a while.

Moon Costumes
This is a fun blog and our writer is having a ball writing for it. The client is a costume firm based in North Carolina. The blog posts are much more than Halloween oriented. Costumes are fun year round and you just would not believe the fun that adults have in dressing up for conventions and the like. Some of the blogs integrate YouTube videos. It’s a fun blog to read and one you should check out.

Kuno Creative’s Accentuate Within Blog
We write the content for this blog for the nice people at Kuno Creative in Ohio, they then optimize it and post it with an image. The combination has been working to help position the client in organic placement and provide real value for readers and visitors of this plastic surgery practice. Check it out and see what you think.

ChemTec Pest Control
We have written for this blog since startup, but took a break for several months and now we are back writing at a higher blog level. The client has been providing direction on insects that are prevalent in the month and tips from their technicians. The combination of our writing plus their pest expertise is making this a wonderful and informative blog to read and follow. Check out the Notes from the Green Truck blog today.

Natco’s Boatline Blog
This is a fairly new blog for us. We write for two other blogs for this particular client plus provide twitter services and e-newsletter content creation. Based on that we understand the client’s needs and type of audience he has. We think that this blog will be a winner just like the others the RV blog and Classic Car blog too. Visit the new Boatline blog today.


Shedding My PDA for a Smartphone

I have long carried a HP iPaq PDA for appointment scheduling and now I am living without it now that I have upgraded my cell phone to a smartphone. I have an LG enV Touch. Although this is not a 3G phone, it has many of the features that I wanted and like.

With a free software download from LG I can now sync Outlook on my two computers and carry my appointments on my phone and drop my PDA entirely. I did find out that I had to turn off the automatic alert setting in Outlook for my appointments as when they were transferred to my phone, my new phone was constantly doing an irritating alert to tell me of my next appointment or task that had to be done.

The new phones that are available now are really wonderful and a real improvement over what was available just two years ago. One of the things I really like about my LG enV Touch is that I get free web email. Now, I do not want to be inundated with office email in my down time or when I am away from my office, but to have the ability when I travel to offer clients a way to contact me via email to my cell phone is excellent! Better yet is the ability for my family to get me by email, text or phone call when I am away from home.

The only thing I really miss about my PDA are my games. I used to while away time at the soccer field for practice or at piano lessons playing solitaire, so I’ll just have to buy that for my phone now. If you haven’t upgraded your phone for awhile, definitely check out the new features and options. I only pay $9.99 a month to get Internet access for 100 pages and free unlimited web mail with my mobile service. I don’t think that I would have paid $30 a month for the email, but for $10 a month I am glad to have it.


How Do You Automate Status Updates to Facebook Fan Pages?

There are a few ways to automate status updates to your Facebook Fan Pages. Doing just this used to be incredibly problematic and one reason why we had really stayed away from Facebook Fan Page management services. Now however there are a few pretty good applications that allow you to automate your status updates on a schedule. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

I like this online application, but it can be flaky about getting your Facebook Fan Page integrated. It is no problem to integrate with your Facebook profile, but the Fan Page – hmm get ready to be annoyed. What worked for me finally was trying from a different computer that did not have Vista and I tried at night as well. That may be the ticket for you as well. Once you’re set up, you can post and schedule for future dates status updates to your Fan Page with just about one click. The great thing is that this application is free! If you upgrade to a Pro account after clicking my HootSuite links, they will pay me a small commission.
If you want to update Facebook Fan page or just your profile, you need to upgrade to the Professional version. Click my link and they’ll pay me a small commission if you buy. I like SocialOomph, and it will allow you with the Pro version to not only schedule future status updates to your Fan page, but you can even upload bulk tweets to Twitter in a text file format. I use the free version and am happy with it for now. One thing that I really like is the RSS feed that you can create and post tweets to although this is not a Facebook Fan page attribute, it is one of the reasons that I really like Social Oomph.

I just found this online application this last week and I think it is a cool application. If you have trouble integrating your Facebook Fan page in HootSuite, then check out for sure as it worked for me. With Sendible you can post status updates on a schedule easily. You can also post to other social networks as well. Now there is one catch you get 100 free credits a month. If you start really using this application for more than Facebook Fan page status updates you will most likely end up buying credits, so check out HootSuite first.

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SocialOomph More Than a Twitter Client

I have been using SocialOomph for quite awhile. It used to be TweetLater. Over time the application has morphed into much more than an excellent Twitter client. It has now become a social networking power tool.

Now SocialOomph allows you to schedule and post to Twitter, Facebook, your blog, and to even create a custom RSS feed you can use in a number of creative ways. With the ability to save drafts to reuse, scheduling capabilities, and the ability to use API to track your click stats, has become a very valuable tool for professionals and those serious about promoting their products and services using social networking programs.

I use the free version, but offers a professional version. The professional version charges a small monthly fee but offers many unique “power tools”. They even offer a free test drive. One thing that I think may be worth the extra charge is the ability to bulk upload tweets. Even if all you use initially is the free version, make sure to check out some of the features that the professional version offers, they are really astounding.

I have been using SocialOomph for quite awhile. I like it for the ability to schedule tweets and reuse tweets you have saved. In fact before any other application offered advanced scheduling Social Oomph had that as a regular feature. Another thing I like and use SocialOomph for is to send a welcome message to new followers. I can even set up to automatically unfollow a follower on Twitter when they unfollow me. I have used the vetting system as well, but no longer vet followers as this can really slow the growth of followers in your Twitter account. With many unique and time saving features, may end up being the only Twitter, blog, and Facebook client you end up using.

Please note that if you click any of the links in this post and buy access to the professional application version I will be paid a small commission, enough to buy me lunch at McDonald’s. But truly that is not the reason for my post, I use and like the application. For some clients it is the application of choice over HootSuite and TweetDeck. I routinely use for the clients for whom we are providing ghost Twitter Executive services.