Adding Video to Your Website

As you cruise around the Web, you see videos just about everyplace. Video is an important new way to reach out to customers on your website and in your advertising and one that you should strongly consider.

Not only is a video interesting and adds a dynamic component to your web pages, it can communicate your message in a very compelling way. Yes, video can be overdone, like anything else, but when done tastefully and professionally it can create a compelling call to action that text just can’t do. That being said, not all sites are strong candidates for video integration, but many are.

When you integrate video into your website, it is important to keep in mind the load time. Sometimes a smaller screen and shorter clip are more important than a huge screen with a debilitating download.

Flash is an excellent format for video as most browsers will already have the plug-in in place and typically the download time is snappy. We have also found that using Windows Media Player instead of QuickTime may allow you to show your movie more quickly. Still the best option is sometimes to allow multiple viewer options. Mac users will not have Windows Media Player installed, but they will have QuickTime, and nearly everyone will have Flash already in place. Offer your viewer choices for viewing your video unless you are using Flash.

Other things that you may want to consider before filming and installing a video on your site are:

  • Will you be in your own video? Are you photogenic? Is there someone on your staff who would be better in the role of spokesperson or model than yourself?
  • Will you produce your own video? You can using most digital cameras to create a Quick Time movie.
  • Make sure you have a script and stick to it.
  • Make sure you have good additional lighting. Keep your movie images from being too dark. We’ve seen low lighting as a frequent problem on client movies.
  • Consider using professional video services for the very best results.

Video is definitely a happening Web media and one that you may want to consider adding to your own website.


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