Google Places – Don’t Steal An Account

This blog post is especially pointed to consultants or agents who share the same office. Did you know that only one person in your office can own the Google Places account tied to your physical location, and that person really should be the corporation not an individual agent? Here’s an example, let’s say you are a real estate company, did you know that the first agent who claims your Google Places account tied to the office address, will own it? That means no other agent in the office can create a Google Places account using that address even with a different suite number and for that matter neither can you the legitimate business owner.

If an agent has tagged your Google Places account, you the real owner, cannot claim it and other agents in the office are at a real disadvantage due to the agent who has grabbed it who will then not share potential leads. You as the legitimate business owner do have the right to ask the agent to relinquish ownership of the Google Places account so you as the corporation can then claim it and then share leads throughout the entire office.

To do this the agent simply needs to go into their Google Places account click edit and then click delete this places account with the selection that this account has been linked to you in error. The main office can then claim the account rightfully.

If you are an agent who has claimed the office account be aware that if you are paying a service for Google Places services you will lose your money that you have invested as the account was never really rightfully yours to claim. You may benefit from its use initially, but if asked you WILL have to relinquish access. So just be careful and take this as a word to the wise.