Get An Early Invitation to the Google +1 Website Button

Plus-OneDon’t be left behind, you can use our link to be an early embracer of the Google +1 website button. Google announced this past week that it would be rolling out this new enhancement to allow you to +1 website searches and share them within your Google social network, but now you can get on the waiting list to be an early embracer of +1 for your website.

To find out how the +1 button works you can watch the video from Google. Google says that not only will the +1 be seen on search results on but will even appear on search ads that you or others in your network have clicked. +1 allows you to receive a personal recommendation from others in your network, which we know will carry more weight in regards to buying decisions.

Personally I feel that the +1 button is big news and will be an early embracer of the technology. Google has also stated that the aggregate information supplied via the +1 button will impact organic search results. So get in the queue before others do, visit our link to get an early invitation for the +1 button for your website now.