Keep an Eye on Your Website and Blog for Hidden Spam Parasites With This Tool

In today’s world, you’ve got to be proactive about protecting your online search engine capital. One way to keep an eye on your website and blog are to routinely review both for hidden parasitic spam hacks that will sap your search engine placement and could actually end up getting you banned (temporarily) on Here is one tool you may want to do a few scans with to make sure that you are clean.

The tool is called Unmask Parasites. This free online tools scans a few random pages on the URL you input and then gives you a pretty fair report on activity, links, and if your site is carrying parasites. It is important if you feel you have a problem that you not just scan your home page. Do some directory scans as well to see if deeper in your site you have a problem.

Additionally I highly recommend that you review at least monthly, your Google Webmaster Control Panel and review the keywords that Google is finding on your website. If you are finding a prevalence of casino, gaming, or mortgage related keywords, your site has been hacked and needs a thorough cleaning.

Although Unmask Parasites may not find an all hidden parasites as it only scans random files, using it in conjunction with the Google Webmaster Control Panel will allow you to keep tabs on the security of your site and work to monitor others cracking in and using your site to funnel hidden spam links forcing your placement down in the organic search results.