Duplicate Content Revisited

To move up and stay up in the organic search results you have to have a content and link building program. When it comes to syndicating your own content there are a few guidelines that Matt Cutts of Google recommends.

“I would be mindful that taking all your articles and submitting them for syndication all over the place can make it more difficult to determine how much the site wrote its own content vs. just used syndicated content. My advice would be 1) to avoid over-syndicating the articles that you write, and 2) if you do syndicate content, make sure that you include a link to the original content. That will help ensure that the original content has more PageRank, which will aid in picking the best documents in our index.”

The bottom-line is that you need to tag the location of your original content so you will get credit from Google as being the author. This is especially important when you are using article syndication sites. We even recommend posting the content on your website first when possible and then a week later at the syndication sites. Now this tactic is not always possible, but if you can you’ll want to post on your site first.