Trouble with White Space for Paragraphs in WordPress

We’ve recently had one of our writers upgrade his computer and move to IE9 and then nearly go bald pulling his hair out with blog control panels not holding his line breaks or white space between paragraphs. When he clicks save for the blog post, WordPress is removing all paragraph white space.

Here’s what we found and then recommended to him to fix the problem. This may help you with your problem too.

First I see tags in the code and some have a tinymc paste reference. This may be from copying and pasting your blog post directly from Word.

This is what I recommend that you do as we need to get a handle on this.

1. Write in Word so you can spell check and do grammar check. Copy your post and then paste it into Notepad. Copy from Notepad and then paste into the “Visual” tab view.

2. Do not flip back and forth between Visual and HTML view as this can cause a problem.

3. Add your links while in visual view. Do your publishing.

Although you may have been able to paste directly from Word to the control panel, something has changed and you should no longer do this.

To correct the problem, I went to HTML view, then I deleted all tags. Added the proper white space by clicking enter. Then saved the post, then previewed the post. All were corrected.

If you continue to have trouble, I would recommend that you work in Microsoft’s Live Writer. I use it sometimes and like it. You just add your blog login to the application and you can set up multiple blogs. Just make sure you post to the correct blog when you click publish. You can change the date at the top right corner.