Using the Microsoft Online Fix It Center

I know computers, but I am not a computer geek like my husband. Although I can fix many things that happen to my computer with a Google search and some time, there are times when the instructions are too complicated or simply over my head. There are other times when I wish I could just click a button and my computer would fix itself. If you’re like me, you may want to check out the new improved, Microsoft Online Fix It Center.

This online tool created by Microsoft fixes your computer with one click, or nearly that. For example if IE 9 is acting flaky and you need to reset all settings that would typically require multiple steps and changes to multiple settings, the Fix It Tool can do it all for you with one or two clicks.

Here are some of the things that the Fix It tool can correct, but there are more and the repairs are personalized to what your computer needs. Here’s a great tool that will help you know what it can fix:

  1. Fix IE 9 issues like settings and display.
  2. Repair missing icon images on your desktop.
  3. Provides preventative care services
  4. Restores tool bar icons and start menus
  5. Windows Aero Glass visual effects are not working or displayed.
  6. Diagnose and repair Windows File and Folder Problems automatically.
  7. Fix broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks.
  8. Your CD or DVD drive can’t read or write media.
  9. Fix Windows system performance problems on slow Windows computers.
  10. Diagnose and repair sound recording problems automatically.

So if you are busy like me, don’t have the computer know-how you need, you need to try out the Microsoft Fix It tool today. You can find the tool here:¬†or browse the listings here: Fixing your computer has never been easier with these great personalized and automated tools from Microsoft.