Why Some Businesses Will Always Need Pay Per Click Advertising

No matter how hard you try to optimize your website and improve in the organic search results, for some businesses,¬†they will never be able to stop advertising on Google AdWords or using pay per click programs. I’m not being negative, just realistic! Even with great organic placement search engines change the game and sometimes much to your detriment.

Here’s a case in point, this past year Google replaced the top organic search results, that had any location reference, with listings from their own Google Places accounts. Google sometimes will show as many as ten Places page listings; pushing hard won organic results below the fold (to the point on your computer screen where you have to scroll to see it). This strategy may simply not be a test but rather a long term change based on how bullish Google is on mobile and location identification for searchers. We’ve had several instances where client websites which had top organic placement for years on state and region specific keywords had been impacted seriously by these means.

So how can a business which still actually has great organic placement but is now seeing their website listing pushed down below local searches compete? Although we do recommend that you get into the game with Google Places pages so your own information can appear above the organic results, how about the national selling firm that cannot set up Google Places pages for the locations that are important to their business appear high enough on the search results page to get buyers’ attention – pay per click and Google AdWords!

The bottom-line is that for some businesses there will always be a need for pay per click or Google AdWords regardless how high their organic search placement is. If you need a Google AdWords manager who understands your needs consider our services, in the last 90 days Google is recording that we have managed account with an accumulated ad spend of over $119,000. We are experienced professionals and our firm is a Google AdWords Certfied Partner.