Introducing Our New Facebook Advertising Management Program

With Facebook being the place to meet clients and prospects on the Web, Facebook advertising is really something you may want to strongly consider at this time. Because we’ve had so much interest in Facebook pay per click and are already managing several client accounts, we have rolled out a formal program. You can find out more about our Facebook Advertising Program.

For $100 we’ll set up your Facebook Advertising Program and for a monthly charge of $100 we’ll manage it and update your ad creatives weekly. That’s only $25 per week for management! With some services charging a minimum start up cost of $400, 12% of your ad spend, and $25 for each new creative they add to your account, we think you will find our Facebook advertising services a real value.

Although you don’t need us to set up Facebook pay per click advertising for you as it is fairly simple, there may be situations where you don’t have the time or know how on how to effectively manage Facebook to get results. Our services aren’t the right match for everyone, but for the busy professional or business owner who has heard about the value of Facebook, our services offer the opportunity to get started on Facebook at a practical price.