Customer Feedback Forms – What They Are Saying Behind Your Back

The adage you won’t know if you don’t ask, still holds true in today’s high tech business world. Even with our global and high tech world, what people think about your business may still be veiled from your eyes. There’s no better way to find out what people really think about your services than to ask.

We ask our clients regularly about our services, their experience with us, and to rate our blog writers. We do this via online forms; allowing the client to tell us what they think about us without the discomfort of telling us face to face. Although not every client we ask will take the time to use our form to rate our services, the ones that do help us to adjust, fine tune, and improve our customer service and offerings.

I’ve had some clients tell me that they don’t want to set up review forms for their own business as they don’t want to deal with negative findings. My suggestion is that even a negative rating can make you stronger. Negative ratings should be considered as constructive criticism. Yes, negative reviews can be hard to take, but if you use them to improve your services and programs, the input is invaluable.

I’ve found that sometimes when it comes to your own business, you may be the very last to know what customers may be saying behind your back until you see sales dropping. If this happens to you, there is no better time than to create a review program, evaluate the results, make important changes, offer incentives for performance to employees, and move forward strongly as you monitor your team closely.