New Features For Google AdWords to Check Out

AdWords has introduced some great new features that you may have missed in 2012 and has new ones are already planned for 2013. Here are my top picks of great new features and those I am eagerly anticipating.

1. Google Tag Manager
This feature, although not just for AdWords managers, is a new way to add code including AdWords conversion tracking to your website. Instead of adding code to all your pages or to your headers and footers, you add a script just after the <body> tag and then customize what causes your code to fire and on what pages of your site from within the Tag Manager control panel. This is a huge improvement for management of large websites.

2. Ability to Set AdWords Ads to Rotate
If you have loved doing A/B testing of ad text in AdWords, then you will love that you can now again decide to rotate ads evenly overriding the default optimize setting. Although I don’t use this feature for every account, in some cases this is a must especially when you are in the conversion discovery mode.

3. Sitelinks Galore
Now you can enter in up to 10 sitelinks for your Google AdWords campaigns. I highly recommend making sure that you are using this new feature. Previously, we could only add four links, but now can add up to 10. Make your ads stand out by providing instant access to deep inside your site where meaningful.

4. Search Remarketing
This is a new feature planned for 2013 and so is not available in your account yet as 1-3 are. I am excited about this new feature and will make sure to let you know when it is available. I am not sure how Google will handle search remarketing, but with the success of Display Remarketing, I just know this one will be a must use in each account.