New AdWords Features for 2013

You’ll want to watch this 30 minute of so video from Google AdWords that reveals what is in store for AdWords advertisers for 2013. (

Here is a quick overview of what’s coming:

1. Product Listing Ads for mobile, Dynamic Contextual Ads for the Display Network, and even Dynamic Remarketing.

2. New Search Extensions are coming: customer support interfaces in the search engine results, email submission to add your name to a subscription list without leaving the search results page, enhanced call metrics, and social extensions.

3. This one is pretty big – remarketing is coming to the search results! Currently only available in the Display network, remarketing or “stalker ads” are coming to This will be my most anticipated new addition for 2013.

Make sure to watch the full video so you can see where AdWords is headed for 2013 yourself.