Yes That Is Facebook Stalking You Online

Now that Facebook has encouraged you to share every single detail of your life with timeline, and some of you have, and now that you have used your Facebook login to supposedly easily login to sites around the web, Facebook can now stalk you with ads online. Unfortunately, we’ve no one to blame but ourselves by over-sharing all our likes, where we go online, and what we are doing.

Whispering a secret about you!
Whispering a secret about you!

Facebook is now using every single thing that you ever shared on its platform to tailor ads to your specific needs and likes. But it isn’t just happening on the Facebook platform, now that we have shared and used our Facebook logins on other sites, Facebook knows even more and is sharing this information with other advertising platforms to target us in ways we never really intended by simply connecting with our friends and family on the Facebook website. If you’ve enabled Facebook Graph Search, and sorry to say it is a one way trip in, now you can even see more information about those in your network, including photos, that you may have never really wanted to see. This total loss of privacy is unfortunately of our own making. By trading away privacy for cool birthday apps on Facebook, or allowing games to see our settings, or by trying to uncomplicate our lives with one universal Facebook login, we’ve created an ad selling monster. Just wait until Facebook really ramps up its ad serving program, nothing will be private and in fact things about you may be revealed or shown to others in order to sell them products or services, using your own words, photos, or online activity without your express knowledge or agreement.If you didn’t know or remember, it’s all about the money.

“Facebook remains under pressure from its investors to make more money and advertising has been one of the social network’s main focuses. The firm brought in $5 billion in advertising revenue last year. Facebook also continues to push mobile advertising  — it made 23 percent of its advertising revenue from mobile in the last quarter, up from 14 percent in third quarter.” Read the full article.

The unfortunate thing is that once we’ve shared as deeply as we have, we now are being used to make advertising profit.