Getting Your Listing in Facebook’s Graph Search

You've got to be popular to be shown on Facebook's Graph Search.
You’ve got to be popular to be shown on Facebook’s Graph Search.

You may love it or hate it, but Facebook’s Graph Search is here to stay and just another way that Bing and Facebook are drawing closer together and another way your data is being used to sell products.So, who gets shown in Graph Search results and how do you get there?

The bottom-line is you get there with popularity and good placement on Bing. Here are a few of the things that help your site to appear in Graph Search.

  1. Number of check-ins to your location using Facebook.
  2. Number of shares and likes.
  3. Size of your fan base. This may also include number of subscribers and not just likes.
  4. Relevancy of your location to the searcher. Closer will be better.
  5. Relevancy and interaction from the searcher’s friends.

So in other words your listing and information will show when you have worked your Facebook plan to grow your activity, encouraged share-ability, become meaningful to your fans and subscribers, and have grown your fan base.

If Facebook does not have enough information about a search it will then show search results.