More on Google+ Communities and Why I Like Them

I have been doing some testing on running and participating in Google+ Communities. Many SEO’s including myself feel that Google+ Communities may be the next “big” thing for getting SEO placement on

Here’s what I’ve found out while using Google+ Communities.

1. I like them! They are interesting fast paced and fun to use. I am involved in several in my industry and the quality of information exchange is excellent. It’s like Quora but focused only in your industry.

2. What a great way to get Google+ followers. With some interaction in your own and other communities you can really build your circle numbers fast. I am now in 400 circles and not only is this great for getting your message out, but this number now appears under your AuthorRank tag in on anything you write. This really gives your content credibility and may push your content up in the SERPs.

3. By setting up your own communities you widen your circles and add to the ability so share your message plus your message when shared and +1’nd may receive more authority in the SERPs as others in your own industry are talking about you. Additionally, your Community posts may actually appear in the Google index. If you have verified your Author status, you get even more juice and exposure.

Here’s what Google just sent to me this last week about my own authorship status. You can click the image and read the full information.

Google Authorship Status
Google Authorship Status

I like Google+ Communities and see only positives at this point for their use. Although they do take time because there is nothing you can automate for business owners the time investment appears to have really big benefits when it comes to web visibility and web authority.

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