Google Partners is Replacing AdWords Certified Partners

Announced on October 2nd in a YouTube livestream, Google announced that it is retiring its Google AdWords Certified Partner and Certified Individual program. Replacing these important programs is a new program called Google Partners.

Google AdWords Certified Partners will not be automatically grandfathered into the new Google Partner program. They will need to reapply for acceptance. But passing exams now is not the only hurdle to becoming a Google Partner. The prospective applicant firm must now prove competency in the AdWords accounts that it manages with Google rating performance on use of new strategies, frequency of account updates, value of the manager’s capability in changes enacted that will benefit an account, and customer service. Additionally Google Partners haveĀ a minimum ad management spend requirement.

We welcome these changes as Google tightens up on qualifications and helps consumers to understand the real value a Partner account manager brings to a professionally managed account. My firm is in the last stages of the approval process and I expect to have our Partner badge in the next two weeks.

With the previous Google AdWords Certified Partner program and badge expiring by mid November, make sure your account manager is staying abreast of these important changes that validate their skill level.