Facebook Flagging Some Businesses as Spammers

Crying about your placement on Facebook.
Crying about your placement on Facebook.

Our experience as a user of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter is all about the legitimacy of the experience. Are you connecting or is the business/site owner churning out content and links flooding the network without any regard for quality?

Facebook has recently announced that it is flagging and targeting in their algorithm to show less frequently in news feeds pages that are using these tactics:

  • Frequently repeating posts/updates or content
  • Asking for likes, shares, and comments (like-baiting)
  • Links in posts pointing to link farms or AdSense Arbitrage pages

It is already hard enough for a business to get exposure in the news feed of fans without having to revert to Facebook pay per click. It looks like Facebook is now making it that much harder by filtering out sites that are actively working to grow their Facebook base.