Verizon Softcard: Tips to Activate It and Use It Part One

The American Express Serve Card
The American Express Serve Card

I thought it would be easy to start using the Verizon Softcard as a smartphone wallet, but nooooooooooooo, sometimes easy things are very complicated.

Here’s what I did to finally get Softcard working.

1. If you have a Verizon Galaxy S5, you most likely already have the Verizon NFC SE sim card installed. If you are not sure, don’t waste time, get yourself down to the Verizon store and get them to install one. It is FREE!

2. With the phone app, sign up for the American Express Serve card. If you are not at Chase or Wells Fargo, you’ll want to do this. For me, I did not want to link my own credit card or checking account until I really knew how this thing worked. I did not want to wake up one morning with my business checking or personal checking drained. So I took the conservative approach and got the free American Express Serve card. If you connect your credit card – know that cash moved to your Serve card is like getting a cash advance. Make sure you know your interest rate for a cash advanceĀ asĀ it could be really high.

3. Make sure to set up an online account on your desktop for your American Express Serve card; just a way to very quickly manage your account. Use the app on the go and the desktop app for tracking, reports, and quick access to customer service.

4. Know that American Express will send you a plastic Serve card for your real wallet and that the number on it is not the same number as the one in your phone, but they are linked. The phone card has a different number for security. Very Smart! Thanks for looking out for me American Express and Softcard.

5. Add money to your Serve card at 7-11 or CSV store for free – no fees. I put cash on mine and by the time I got back to my car, my phone showed my new balance.

6. Snap a picture of a check made out to you to add money to your Serve card on your phone. It took five days for my deposit to show up. 7-11 is faster! But the pic is fast and easy if you don’t need the cash super fast.

Check back on Wednesday for more on using Softcard tied to an American Express Serve card and then watch my Try It Friday video this week to see it all in action.