Try It Friday – Samsung’s WatchOn App

It’s been a while since my last Try It Friday video. It’s because I have to learn how to use something before I make my video for you and I have had some real fails that have simply not made the cut. However, this app has! WatchOn by Samsung is a real jewel. Watch my video below or at YouTube here You can also view it on my website here:

What I love about this app is that it allows me to be purposeful about what I watch on TV. I don’t have cable and don’t get a TV guide, so I don’t know what great shows may be playing or coming up – but now I do.

I can even control Netflix with this app and if I wanted to buy movies to watch at Vudu.  I am now ready to throw out the 4 controllers I have for my TV as now I can control my TV, DVD player, DVR and any other auxiliaries (set top box if you had one) all with one master controller. Thanks Samsung I’ve got to say I love WatchOn.

Available for free at Google Play:

iTunes: I am not sure you will find it here. Looks like it is just for Android – sorry.