You’ve Got to Pay to Boost Posts on Facebook

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Do You Like the Facebook Boost This Post Button?

Facebook advertising – it just does not happen magically with the click of a “Boost This” button in your business’ Facebook timeline. I was chatting with the owner of a start up recently and she mentioned that she was advertising on Facebook (at least she thought she was) but missed the connection between paying and playing.

First, I do like Facebook advertising for some businesses. It is easy to set up, easy to manage, and for the typical business owner, they do not need an account manager.

Here’s where my colleague went wrong with Facebook advertising. You MUST enter in a credit card into your own personal profile for your business Facebook account which is treed off of your personal page first. Then on your Facebook business page, when you click “Boost Post” you can select the advertising and cost you want to spend and other criteria to run a small pay per click promotion, but until you enter your credit card at the personal page level, you can click “Boost This Post” until your finger is sore and get no results.

It sounds simple, but you would be amazed at the confusion that the boost button causes others who are not well versed in the arena of pay per click.