Training Staff that Works Remotely

Nancy McCord a Google Partner and Bing Partner
Nancy McCord a Google Partner and Bing Partner

Training staff that works remotely can be a challenge. My firm has four remote employees and I have found that training is as easy as taking a short video with your phone.

In my case, my remote employees do not all have the same hours as all of them have other jobs or are full time students. So, it is nearly impossible to get everyone online at the same time.

I have started taking videos with my phone while I am in a control panel to make a super short video of what to do on a project. I am finding that employees like this, are able to watch the training multiple times, and some will even take notes and then work from their notes.

The key is to make the video super short and convey a concept that is not overly complicated. For me, I have done videos on how to add negative keywords to an AdWords account and how to create new ad text.

For most millennials, the visual mode of training is best and engages them most. Older staff seems to want the video plus written steps.

The key takeaway on this blog post is sometimes you simply need to think outside the box and meet staff where they are and allow training that is on-demand for their schedule.