Is Your Best Google Ads Strategy No Strategy?

Our clients love our experience and savvy with Google Ads.
Our clients love our experience and savvy with Google Ads.

That’s right many advertisers’ strategy on Google Ads (previously known as AdWords), appears to be no strategy at all.

As competitive as your marketplace is, and as much as Google Ads clicks cost, I personally feel that there must be a strategy to what you promote, dollars you put toward what, and evaluation of the success or lack thereof of your advertising as a part of your overall business profitability.

It all starts first with knowing what you can afford and what your costs are to supply the product you are selling to the purchaser. I feel that the time a business owner takes to evaluate what they can afford and the monetary investment they want to make in Google Ads clicks and our services is strategic to business growth.

As a professional Google Ads manager, I have found that results are much better for clients who have a degree of preparation and have done business analysis. The guidance that they give to me at account set up on their average sale, lifetime value of a client, desired Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is incredibly helpful and allows me to have a better understanding of their requirements for success in a Google Ads account.

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