Some People Should Not Be Bloggers

Well, some people should not be bloggers and although painful for some to hear, it is the truth. I work with developing new blog writing talent all the time and know this to be a fact.

In fact, even more than that, not all good writers will be good bloggers. Some of our blog writers are making an excellent living being professional bloggers. We have some writers who are making around $2,000 a month just writing for blogs in addition to having a full time regular job. That being said there are even more web writers and aspiring writers who want to be bloggers and many simply do not have what it takes.

This is what it takes to be a good professional blogger:

  1. Ability to write on nearly any topic.
  2. Ability to write quickly or to set time limits on research and writing time to stay profitable.
  3. Innate creativity and ability to turn a phrase to make a somewhat dull topic interesting and to draw the reader in.
  4. Excellent proofreading skills.
  5. Strong working knowledge of proper grammar.
  6. Knowledge of how to find writing topics using Google News and
  7. Versatility in regards to writing tone and style. Some clients need a more chatty type blog post and others need pure informational or reviews.
  8. Desire to improve and work on their writing craft and not sensitive about constructive criticism.
  9. Dependability, posting at noon means just that not 12:10 or 3:00 PM.
  10. Ability to write for many topics within the same day and to become an expert on many topics quickly through a questioning mind.

Many bloggers I have tried or interviewed have one or several of these attributes, but many with a great style can only write with a personal point of view and so can never write informational pieces. Others only want to write on things they already know about, and still others don’t understand dependability or being on time.

It takes a combination of qualities from my list of ten to make the perfect blogger, but if you have them, you may be able to make an excellent income blogging as a job to supplement your regular job just like some of our writers.

Best Organic Optimization Plan

From my over eight years of experience with websites and organic optimization, I have found what I consider the best organic optimization plan of attack.

  1. Strong initial and comprehensive keyword research
  2. Good use of source code optimization to include unique title tags, and a meta description
  3. Strong keyword density in h1 and h2 tags in the site’s source code
  4. Inclusion of well-written and engaging keyword dense content with keyword dense anchor text links in the content
  5. Integration of a blog with well written keyword dense blog posts published a minimum of three times per week
  6. Monthly creation of a feature article that is syndicated on various article sites and archived back on the parent website
  7. Quarterly press release on new topics, services or interviews and distributed via PR Web.

With this organic optimization plan you are bound to build “web authority” and over time improve your organic placement.

This process is not rocket science, but must be done carefully and by a knowledgeable team with a strong focus on optimization. I know from experience, as I have performed this process, on a number of websites that this is the very best organic optimization process and will provide results in the long run.

To find out more about our organic optimization services if you need help with your own web visibility, I invite you to review our code optimization process, blog writing services, and press release writing program.

Remember improving your organic search engine position takes time, but this process WILL work for you regardless of what business or service you promote.

Proof Blogging Helps Your Organic Placement

You know I was surprised by a customer yesterday. He called to chat about our organic search optimization services. He told me that he had done a Google search on best organic optimization and that my site was placed highly.

In fact I checked it out after our chat as I do not optimize on that keyword phrase and the optimization business is very competitive on the Web and he was right my site was placed but in position 41. What was even more interesting was that it was not my website that had caught his eye, but my blog post titled “What Should You Expect to Pay for Optimization”.

He found me and liked what he saw from a web search that had returned my blog and then followed links from my blog into my website and then picked up the phone to call me.

You never know how a client will find you, but this is clear proof that topical blog posts that are keyword dense will place organically on search engines and act as entry points for prospects to find you and purchase your services.

Now he thought my placement was great, but I had never even optimized for that phrase and think that actually number 41 is low relatively, but I got the phone call not someone else.

If you want to get blogging working for you, now’s the time to visit our blogging services page to review our program and then pick up the phone to call me to chat about your needs and how we can work to bring you leads too.

Why You Can’t Farm Out Social Networking

You just can’t fake it when it comes to social networking. Sorry, it’s just not something that you can farm out to someone to do for you, you just have to do it yourself.

In fact that is the real value of social networking versus blogging or your website, it is you reacting with other people on a one to one basis. You can’t fake or ghost-do this!

I personally have seen some people actually hire social media coaches – now, there is value in that for novices who have just not gotten with the program to help assure that you have all the “boxes on your ticket checked”. I personally no longer set up Facebook or LinkedIn accounts for clients. I have found simply that it is impossible to speak for them effectively on highly personal issues such as favorite books, personal background and interests.

I love social networking, as I know that it is simply impossible to cheat on the creation of connections, but how you use social networking to your benefit is up to you. If all you do is add one more connection as if it is a numbers game, then you are really missing the absolute best aspect of it, which is to connect personally with other.

For me, I am now speaking to members of the French speaking family I lived with for one year in high school in Brussels on a foreign exchange program on a several times a week basis now versus at Christmas time. That’s just one example of a personal connection that has been reignited with Facebook in this case. Do you have an example you’d want to share about your experience with social networking? Do it now by clicking comments and tell me.

Keeping Tabs on Your Website Placement

Have you looked lately at your website’s organic placement? The majority of my business comes in from our high listing in the organic search results for the majority of our important keyword phrases. I know this and monitor my own website’s placement at a minimum of once a month.

What I have done is researched the popular search phrases that I want to place on. I have then optimized my source code to organically place for these terms. Once a month I review all the terms and update my placement and the placement of key client’s on my search engine results page.

To make it easy to track my results I made a word document with the term and inserted the Google, Yahoo, and MSN returns page address that shows my placement. When I want to do a review, I click the link in the Word document, use Control+F to open the search box and enter my domain, this allows me to count back up to the top of the page to know my own placement immediately. I then log the placement on the same Word document so I have a running tally of where I am. This allows me to identify if my month’s efforts or last page update made a difference up or down.

After I document my placement, I will typically go and tweak my home page or section home page in an effort to improve my own placement for those specific terms.

If you are not tracking your own website placement you should. You should be using your organic placement as a key metric to identify if what you are doing is working for you. A website that doesn’t work for you is not worth your time and money investment.

Teaching Your Kids About Piracy

I just found out this weekend that two of my kids had just started to download named star’s music from They had found music videos and had used YouTube MP3 converter software, which they had downloaded free, to strip the music file from the video; essentially getting music for free. Yikes! Not only is downloading anything from the website a direct violation of YouTube’s terms of service, but it is plain and simple stealing song revenue from the artist.

I took immediate action and removed the software and removed the songs from their music players and computers. As I had a talk about piracy with all four of my kids and the reality of what could happen, some topics came up which I thought I would share as you consider if you should have this same talk with your kids.

1. They all said they did not know this was a violation on I took time to show all four kids where to find the terms of use in the footer and encouraged them to always take time to read this before they assumed that they could do anything they wanted with the content.

2. One child asked “if is is illegal, why did the software maker create a program that allows people to do something illegal?” Well, that actually is a very good question, and truthfully I don’t know why YouTube and other sites don’t make a real effort to squash this type of free software. My question back to my kids was “just because you can, doesn’t make it right does it?”

I made a deal with my kids that I would help them buy music in a legitimate way and that music piracy keeps our favorite artist from making more music that we will love when we steal music from them. That’s what piracy is, it is stealing and our kids need to know that. For us music piracy simply does not match our family values.

Do you know how your kids are getting their music? If you haven’t asked, it’s time that you did. You may be as surprised as I was to find out that they thought what they were doing was okay.