Creating The Best Blog Post Titles

Titling your blog post is a craft, but has a few common sense rules that are easy to follow. Not only is your title a teaser for the actual post, but it can help you with search engines if done properly.

Here are a few examples of blog post titles that not only clearly explain the post or are keyword dense:

Best Practices for e-Newsletters
Runescape – a Game Review for Parents
Best Practices on Using Music on Websites
Effective Blog Posts Titles – A How To
Webkinz – A Parent Game Review
How to Build Web and Blog Traffic
How To Become A Productive Blogger
Website Navigation – Best Practices
Game Reviews for Parents – Club Penguin Reviewed
Social Media Blogging Does It Work?

These are just a few examples but you can see several common elements. There are many searches on best practices, how to’s and reviews. Take advantage of that search traffic to craft your post title to match a search query and pick up some extra traffic.

On a sidebar, take a look at this post, I have used another technique for search engines, I have deep linked to my own websites in a creative way, feeding search engines and you into my content. And take a look at the anchor text (what is included in the hyperlink). Not only is the anchor text a match for my post title, but it is keyword dense.

You can use all of these techniques easily on your own blog, just start first with a well crafted title.