Fabulous Flash Video

Stefan Sargent has done another beautiful Flash video and we wanted to share it with you. It is absolutely amazing what selected music and special effects can do to turn a video into something extraordinary.

This Flash video is of several ballet pieces and special effects have been added to some. I think that you’ll enjoy the art and creativity that Stefan used to make this a real work of art. Just click our blog post title to view the pieces. Enjoy!


Google AdWords Tip

We’ve seen it happen in several client accounts so you may want to try this for yourself.

One you’ve got a great performing campaign…consider revising the landing page with a new look and streamlined content for better performance.

Two a great way to jump start a good performing campaign to the next level is to update your ad text. Introduce a set of new ads. For some reason a fresh look, or fresh approach can also push your ad click through results. Buyers sometime experience ad fatigue and so a fresh approach periodically can reap really big click and click through results for an already great performing account.

Third try break out ad groups. When we have a top account another way to push it to even better performance is to break out the top performing keywords into their own ad group with their own landing page. This very narrow focus and match on ad text, keywords, and landing page is a winning combination!


Google AdWords Auction

I’ve seen mentioned on the Web in several places that Google AdWords is an auction bid and then again that it is not. Finally in Google’s own help information on AdWords they use the “Auction” term.

I have long felt that getting to position one on a keyword had an auction factor to it as one could bid up the price, but in some cases never pay the actual bid price and raise a keyword s’s position. Now at least it is clearly in the open. Yes Google AdWords does have an auction-like bid to position.

Remember there are additional factors that affect your keywords page position like quality score, ad text, and even landing page match and now auction is another one.


Just Launched – Buy-A-Franchise.biz

Click our post title to review a new site that we just launched last night!

This is a 54 page low cost franchise small business opportunity search website that we did with our Quick Launch program. This site was able to be fast-tracked and completed in less than 3 weeks as we used a customized Quick Launch template to get a quick start.

The Buy-A-Franchise.biz site has been optimized for performance, organized to be able to find franchises by category and alphabetically, and optimized to generate new leads for the site owner.

If you have looked over websites that feature small business franchise opportunities, you will find that this site is head and shoulders above the others with easy to read and find information. Check it out!


Contact Form Woes And The Solution

Occasionally we have a client who is using a low-end web host or who is self-hosting and does not have a cgi-bin or scripting enabled in order for us to install a contact form processing script. Sometimes this has lead to expensive programming charges. We do not offer programming and so we have to contract out this portion of a project adding to expenses.

We have found a service that will process the script for you on their servers and so far it looks like a clean and elegant solution to a thorny problem for some clients. You will want to click our post title to review the site MyContactForm.com. With a premium account for $24.99 per year, now any client can have a professional seamless contact form installed on their site without complex programming initiatives. I think that it is a very smart solution.


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