SEO Blogging – Top Professional Blogging Techniques

Blogging is big business but there are definitely ways to do it better than others. Here are my top tips for blogging like an SEO pro.

  1. Make sure your blog post title contains your top keywords. Sometimes even this style may be best- keyword then a hyphen then the post title. Review my blog post title above as an example.
  2. If and when you include hyperlinks in the blog post, make sure the hyperlink text (that’s the content that is underlined is keyword rich. Here’s an example: make sure to visit our website for search engine optimization pricing and our client results. I like to not only use keywords in the hyperlink, but also force the browser to open the link to a site off my blog in a new browser window. This way I will not lose the customer from my site.
  3. Make sure to use the link title field in WordPress. For the link listed above, I get even more keyword traction by inserting in the link title field the same keywords as in the anchor text. This is a simple but overlooked feature to help build keyword density in a blog post.
  4. Keyword density is important for a blog post done for SEO purposes. I try to repeat the top keyword phrase at least three times in a post done for search engine optimization purposes.
  5. Keep the blog post short and sweet and focused. The shorter your blog post, the better your keyword density will be, but don’t stuff you keywords. Remember you have to say something in the blog post too, not just string out keywords. Offer something of value to your readers.

Many people who are doing blogging for SEO do not want outbound links. Here’s were we differ on perspective. I will never link to a competitor, but I do routinely link to information rich sites so that my blog readers will get real value for following my blog. I do not feel that I am bleeding off search engine optimization capital by linking. From my perspective a blog is about linking to great informational sites on the topic you are blogging about. If you want to link and it has meaning to the blog post do it. Don’t take too hard of a line on outbound links. You want other blogs and websites to link to you right? It is a reciprocal two way street.

Another reason why you should consider the judicious use of quality information rich out going links is that Blogger has targeted as “spam blogs”, blogs that mainly link back to one website over and over. It may be a better long term “Google Tactic” to spice up your links so Google will not perceive your blog site as a “spam blog” site.

Got any other great SEO blogging tips you want to share? Add them by clicking comments below.

AdWords Beta Interface Broken But Has Possibilities

I am so sick of beta applications being released that really should still be in the developer’s sand box and the Google AdWords new beta interface is one of them.

I have to say that the new interface has tremendous new conveniences for power uses such as myself, but will terrorize do-it-yourself account managers as it is overwhelmingly complicated. For me, as a professional account manager, the ease of use and ability to customize the interface, as well as the ability to make changes all on one page is very welcome.

But the problem with the screen size and horizontal scroll bars is a real deal breaker for the new beta. Who wants to have to scroll to the right and then back and forth? Hey, you can get a repetitive stress injury doing this! Man, I just don’t want to be out for carpel tunnel syndrome surgery in the near future because of the AdWords beta.

AdWords says that the new interface has been designed for 1024 resolution screens, but it is not. I run a 1280 resolution (width) and I have about 4 inches of scroll bar on my screen. This is a HUGE problem. Please AdWords resolving this issue should be fast tracked so more people can use the interface.

So if you’re thinking of trying out the AdWords beta interface, if you don’t have a 1600 resolution screen size don’t get it. Thank goodness they have a revert back to the old interface button for now. So for real power users the beta is a “don’t go there” choice.

Great Blog Writing on a Tough Topic

One of our writers has taken on a tough topic and has turned lemons into lemonade with it. The website is a sell your silver to us site. The blog is all about selling your silver, silver trivia, and silver tips. Well, at least that’s what we’ve made it.

I have to say as a blogger and managing eight writers with nearly 100 blog posts a week on a wide variety of blogs this blog stands out. We’ve had several writers on this blog previously and the writers seem to tire of the topic quickly or run out of items to blog about, but not this writer. In fact, I personally even look forward to reading his posts myself.

On tough topics, ones that there simply is not enough to say, or ones that you feel like you have beaten to death, sometime a fresh perspective makes all the difference. What this writer has done has been to create interesting stories on silver and silver related topics weaving in keyword density in a very smart way and ending the post with a push back to the website to actually sell your silver there.

Here are just a few of the topics this writer has written on recently:

  1. Tale of King Dog Silver
  2. Silver Greek Phoenix
  3. The World’s Largest Silver Coin
  4. The 7th China International Silver Conference

You can review the full blog at Silver for Cash. So if you have a dry topic, one that needs a special touch, contact me and I will see if this writer can work his magic for you too!

IE 8 Upgrade It’s a One Way Trip

If you have Vista like I do, you may want to know that upgrading your browser to IE 8 is a one way trip. You cannot uninstall it and go back to IE 7. I found this out the hard way.

I have really liked IE 7. I like the clean polished interface. When I clicked install IE 8 just the other day when I received other Windows updates, I did not realize the ramifications for doing so. As I am designing a new client site, and not many people have IE 8 right now, I need to be able to test my site on the mainstream popular browsers. After a few days with IE 8, I decided I wanted to go back to IE 7.

You cannot uninstall the program nor re-install IE 7 over it. In fact if you try as I did, you will receive a message that IE 7 is not compatible with your system. So if you need access to IE 7 here’s a super work around that I have found IE Tester.

I downloaded the application and wow, what a great tool. I can view my site URL in IE 5, 6, 7, and even 8. What a life saver.

So here’s my tip, if you are a regular web surfer, get IE 8 as it is more secure, — sure looks a lot like Firefox. If you are a web designer, be careful about installing IE 8. Now that you know it is a one way trip, make a careful decision. If you do upgrade, make sure to download IE Tester it is an excellent tool and allows for your testing on multiple Internet Explorer versions.