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Marketing Trends to Watch: Amazon Advertising

Google announced that earnings from Google Ads had dropped this last quarter. Feeling pressure from newbies on the block, like Amazon, is sure to shakeup the Google Boardroom.

Google Ads has been king – that is until recently. With renewed pressure from Bing Ads – now called Microsoft Advertising – which appears structured to expand in unknown marketing arenas, Amazon is also now strongly entering the pay per click platform mix.

Amazon has an accredited professionals program and I will be starting my training this week. Not only has Amazon changed the way we buy online, but it may now be the biggest contender against Google for the e-commerce pay per click dollar.

Have you seen this yourself, you are looking to buy a product and now do not even go to Google, but rather start your search on Amazon? I am doing just this myself. Do I click on the Amazon Sponsored items – you bet I do as usually they are a great deal and the price is right. Add to that free prime shipping and Amazon is rapidly becoming my shopping search engine. I rarely buy now items on Google.com – and only if I cannot find it on Amazon.

Amazon has tested services too, so they are just not all about selling products. I have seen cleaning services and pest control service programs on Amazon. Tie that in with the super smart Alexa devices and app that are becoming assistants of choice in millions of homes and Google should be worried.


Google Strives to Become Amazon

McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and a Certified Google Ads Professional
McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and a Certified Google Ads Professional

I listened with interest at the Google Marketing Live 2019 presentation this past week to how Google will try to compete head to head with Amazon. Clearly they are afraid they are losing too much market share.

Here’s what I learned:

Google will be making all products shown on its 8 properties shoppable. You will be able to buy items directly from ads on YouTube videos from within the search results and you will be able to choose to buy it through the Google Platform or from the business owner’s website.

Google will be providing customer service when you buy it from them and will allow for simple returns as well as a Google guarantee.

You will be able to use your Google payment profile to pay for merchandise. Additionally, shopping and buying features will soon be appearing in the Google Assistant which appears to have Alexa firmly in its sight.

Google will even be making images found in the image search into shoppable ads.  Clearly from this announcement, and very tight integration of selling products into all Google properties, Google does not want to lose out to Amazon on being the premier shopping and buying platform.

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Amazon Creates a Send to Kindle Button

I have a Kindle Fire and love it. Although I don’t typically read books on it, I may start reading articles I find on the Web now that Amazon has launched a new “Send to Kindle” button.

Send to Kindle Button
Send to Kindle Button

You can create your own button code from this special Amazon link to start allowing readers to send your own info to their Kindles. Although I haven’t seen many sites with this new button just yet, I am just starting to take a look and may very well tag my own blog with the code.The reason I like my Kindle Fire so much over other technology that I use is that it is small enough to fit in my purse, has a fabulous screen, is back-lit so I don’t need an accessory light and can read at night in bed while my husband is sleeping. However, I find I use it more for video and travel than article reading.

With the new ability to send articles from blogs and websites I like, I feel that I may be enticed to start reading the news on my Kindle Fire versus my smartphone.

The code looks fairly easy to implement and very straightforward to install, so check it out.