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Amazon’s Kindle Fire Reviewed – A Real WOW

I just bought my Kindle Fire yesterday from Staples and wanted to add a bonus blog post today telling you what I think about it. First, WOW, this is really revolutionary! I can afford any technology I want, money is not a problem, but  with the iPad over $500+ I just could not rationalize the purchase. I was just not sure how much I would really use it. I have a laptop, I have a smart phone, I wasn’t sure I would drag something so big around. Besides that, it is heavy and large a 10 inch screen. Way too big to fit in my purse.

When I saw the first announcements on the Kindle Fire back in September and October in the Washington Post, it was the price that made me look and the reviews that said it was a real competitor to the iPad. I wanted to hold one before I purchased it however, and so did not buy one in the presale period. Staples sent me a newsletter via email yesterday and I went to our nearest store to check it out.

This is what made me buy it and what I like about the Kindle Fire:

1. It feels nice in your hand; not cheap and lightweight. The unit weighs 14.4 ounces.

2. It has a glass cover and very slim almost non-existent shell border. Very nice and polished looking. It looks expensive. Don’t confuse the Kindle Fire with the regular Kindle. It looks and feels different.

3. It took me a while to learn how to use my smartphone and so I was also looking for out of the box simplicity and ease of use. I was not disappointed. There was only a card in the box to explain how to turn it on. You turn it on, add your Amazon account number, and Fire does the rest. I downloaded my first book and app in the first five minutes.

4. I read a lot, I mean really a lot, and so when my library said they now had Kindle integration to borrow books, that was very important. You select the book from your local library site and then the library forwards you to Amazon.com to check the book out.

5. I already have a NetFlix account for our home TV. I just connected my Kindle Fire to that and my kids watched the Gumby movie last night on my new Fire.

6. I can do email. Although I use my Droid for mail, I have connected my GMail account to my Kindle Fire. It was done in two easy steps.

7. I can use the Amazon app store. I have already bought games and downloaded several free ones.

8. The screen resolution is excellent. Viewing quality is totally wonderful – crisp and clear. Web pages are not so small you cannot read them and the browsing experience is excellent. You can swipe and scrunch to change the screen size just like you do on a smartphone.

9. Make sure when you buy yours you get a micro USB cord. I did not, and will need to buy one. This will make it easier to move files and music from my PC to my Kindle Fire.

10. Get a case with a stand. I got mine for $40. It allows you to set your Fire up for viewing on a desk top for you to share.

I have to say I just cannot believe that this bit of technology cost only $200. The Kindle Fire lives up to the other reviews you have seen online. Everyone who has seen mine now wants one. Although it doesn’t do some of the things the iPad does, for me it is a very smart tool that is more for fun than work. Besides that, it fits in my purse to be on the go with me so I can use it anytime with my smartphone’s mifi hotspot.

Way to go Amazon! You have created an innovative tool that is sure to bring you an excellent new revenue stream. I have never bought ebooks or online movies at Amazon and now with my Fire and 1-click easy purchase at Amazon I am have already bought several things and am making my purchase list.