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Associated Press Charges Now By The Word

You need to watch this video to understand the changes that the Associated Press is making in how writers on the Web can use their content. You can view the video blog that contains their new rate sheet at the Search Engine Guide blog.

What is very scary to content writers and bloggers is that if you use even just 5 words you will now need to pay $12.50 just as an example. Here is the Associated Press’ new rate sheet:

5-25 words $12.50

26-50 words $17.50

51-100 words $25

101 to 250 words $50

250 words and up $100

The Associated Press is also rolling out a special content tracking program and is clearly posturing itself to start raking in the cash if you use any combination of words that just might appear in one of their content piece titles or articles.

Seems like they should get something if they create the content right, but what if the article title was “Obama pushes health care” and you just by accident, without even reading their piece, use the same words in one of your blog posts. Are you going to want to click to PayPal to pony up the $12.50 when they send you a bill via email?

The Internet is changing our world, just look what it has done to travel agents! Now, you book your own ticket and hotel online and sometimes hotels even let you bid on their rooms. The world is way different in that regard and traditional travel agencies have had to cope with these changes. Some have gone out of business and some have focused on niche travel needs.  

The news media will also be having a major adjustment just like the travel industry did. They will need to look to new ways to provide value and cover their expenses. Personally, I don’t feel that what the Associated Press is doing is the right approach. I think for people such as myself and the speaker in the video it smacks of “old school” and a “death grasp” for cash.

I don’t begrudge a writer fair pay for creating a newsworthy piece but how we get our news is no longer through the traditional news mediums. It is time to brace yourself for big changes in the world of newspapers and magazines as well as online content in the very near future. You may end up not getting a paper on your driveway but have to subscribe to see your news online.


Take Your Kids to Work Day

Today two of my three children will be blogging. I’m just letting you know ahead of time. :0)

Today is “take your kids to work day” here in Maryland. One of my 12 year old triplets is going with my husband to the Naval Research Laboratory and the other two triplets are staying here in my office today. They think that they will have it easy. They expect to watch me for about five minutes and then go off and play their video games. They have no idea what I have in store for them.

Actually I have an incredibly busy day ahead. I am working on two design projects and have several regular webmaster updates to do as well as a phone conference planned and several other projects. I plan on keeping them very busy. In fact as a project they will each be doing a blog post on Monday so get ready!

Kids need to know first hand what their parents do for work. It can give them a wonderful sense of reality to see that no Mom does not sit in front of the computer and do games nor does she talk endlessly on the phone with friends, she is actually working earning money for the family and that the work is hard and takes time to do.

These are some of the things that I am having my kids do today:

  1. Answer all the phones.
  2. Punch holes in papers for client time sheets.
  3. Do a blog post on my blog about their experience.
  4. Log how many phone calls I make and receive.
  5. List the time spent on web design, Internet marketing services, and client management.
  6. Review the blog posts from our 7 blog writers to see if they are done and on time.
  7. Write a report for school on what their Mom actually does.
  8. Make me lunch, get me drinks, and be my go-fer for the day.

Actually I think they will be surprised at the wide variety of things that I do and the number of calls and projects I accomplish in one day. Although I have a full day planned, I know that my schedule has simply been flown out the window, so if you get a McCord child on the phone today, don’t get your email responded to, you will know why, I am performing a very important task in regards to preparing future web designers and Internet marketing managers.


A Commercial Moment For Girl Scout Cookies

Well it’s that time of year again; Girl Scouts are out and about selling their cookies. I have personal experience with this because my sisters are in the Girl Scouts and they have a goal.

They each want to sell something like 120 boxes of cookies and we only have so many neighbors. I think it’s silly to try to win a prize like what they want. They have both selected a junky little bag with some brushes and a stuffed elephant! That’s a lot of work for a tooky toy.

But, then I learned the true reason why the girls sell the cookies, it turns out that all the money doesn’t just go to the troop. The troop only gets 50 cents per box and the rest goes to the Girl Scout Council to help poor girls that can’t afford to be in Girl Scouts. The money raised from cookies allows them to join and be part of a group and stay active.

My sisters and the rest of the Girl Scouts all work very hard at selling these cookies, and my Mom is pressuring me to buy some to help them out. This isn’t a big deal to me because I love Girl Scout cookies, and I think you do too. So, when a little girl comes to your door asking if you would like to buy some cookies, keep in mind the girls that they help.

Now, to the top selling cookies on the Girl Scout cookie list. (TOP 5)
1.  Thin Mints
2.  Samoas
3.  Do-Si-Dos
4.  Trefoils
5.  Lemons

What is my personal favorite? I love the lemons!


Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck – Special Issue

You’ll want to click in to read our November e-newsletter that tells you how to get the most bang for your buck on the Internet. Learn our top picks for pay per click, search engine optimization, and e-newsletter services.

With the economy tanking and business climates slowing, now’s the time to check out our tips to see if you can easily implement some of them to get your own business rolling again.

Here’s the link!


The Economic Down Turn and Petroleum Costs Hurt Everyone!

Several months ago our Realtor clients and mortgage broker clients were really hurting and unfortunately for many, that situation has simply not changed.  What I am seeing is that this slow down and cut back of expenses is now migrating out of the real estate and mortgage industry into broader market sectors.

We are seeing many clients in many types of businesses tightening their belts, stopping peripheral services, and actively working to trim the expenses that they can control. You can’t easily control what you spend for gas, for electricity, or for food, but you can trim, or bring in-house, certain services that you typically outsource. This is what I am seeing finally in our my service industry.

Many clients who have employed our blogging services are tasking a junior team member to start blogging. Some are moving to Indian firms, and some are stopping blogging altogether.

As the cost of petroleum and mortgage crisis impacts more businesses and causes commodity prices to rise, I expect to see more cut backs and more do-it-yourselfers trying to take over webmastering their website, cutting back on their website updates, and bring their blogging services and pay per click management services in house.

My firm has been in business for nearly eight years and we are in this for the long haul. We will continue to offer value and practical solutions to all clients. Trust me, we’ll be ready to help you when you have the need and desire to outsource these areas that you may have had to pull closer to yourself for the time being.