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Fiesta Online – Kids & Parents Guide

fiesta21Hello 🙂 I’m Bobbie, and my mom is in charge of McCord Web Services; but the reason I’m here is because it’s Shadow Day and you get to shadow a person of your choice, and I chose my mom.  So since this is one of the things she gets to do, I get to make a blog!! Yay!


Kids & Parents Guide to Fiesta Online

(www.outspark.com or http://fiesta.outspark.com/).

Pssst, if you’re a kid and you’re  reading this, the second link is so you can download the game~ Well, if your parents say so, that is~ 🙂

OHH! By the way! The game is completely safe!! I’ve been playing for, hmmmmm..  maybe a year and a half? And nothing bad has ever happened to my computer. Pinky Promise.

Kids Guide

Okay, once you download the game from the link you can go to the launcher and log in once you make an account on the homepage. Then, you are free to choose a world: Epith, Teva, Bijou, Legel, Apoline, and Cypion. (Hey, if you asked me, i would suggest Epith… *hint hint* That’s the server I’m on… My Character’s name is Teeta and feel free to add me if you need a friend or need some help getting used to the game.)

Anyhoo, after you have selected your world you are free to make a character of your choosing: Archer, Mage, Fighter, or Cleric. The you can start training!! 🙂 There will be tons of controls so it can get a little confusing. Haha, I know how it feels, there was this other game Asda Story that I’ve been playing recently and when i first made an account– holy cow — it had alot of controls! Anyways after you get used to the controls on fiesta and you can move around, you can talk by pressing enter on the keyboard and then typing what you want to say and then pressing enter to send it.

The town you’ll start in is called Roumen, and at first the quests will give you what you need like armor and skills to use so you can use more cooler and fiercer attacks on the monster’s you need to fight.  You can walk out of the town and *gasp* there’s these weird purple poofballs in your way! Heh-heh those things are called slimes, the first monsters to kill that are for beginners. Later in the game, you can fight bosses like the King Crab (that’s the first elite monster you’ll need to fight for a quest) but chill, it’s not hard~ the Giant Goblin King or ggk for short, and the Mini Dragon (that’s for about level 80’s).

Oh! Almost forgot, if you press “c” on the keyboard your character’s stats will pop up and the box can show you things like: what level or “lvl.” your character is, the guild its in, how much experience or “exp.” it has, the percentage it’s at to show how much you have until you level, which the highest levels currently are, hmmm 105 for players but for GM’s (Game makers) it’s 150. **Also, something you can’t play the game without! Stats will also be shown, and depending on what class or type your character is, these are the stats i suggest.. (they will help make your character be the best it can be.)

fiesta21Cleric: Raise the End, Str and if you want Dex stats.

pictures-2008-10001211Fighter: Raise the End, Str and also, if you want, Dex stats.

fiesta1Archer: Raise the End, Str, and Dex stats. Dex is highly useful on archers.

fiesta31Mage: Raise the End, Int, and optional again, Dex. Mages have low health so putting some stat points on Endurance comes in handy.

And if you’re wondering what  “End” and “Int” and the others mean: Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Spirit. So Yup, those are some starter things to know.

Also, on the bottom right-ish side of the game screen there should be some panels and scrolls among them:

Help: If you need help with something, this may be able to assist you.

Character stats (explained earlier)

Fiesta Store*

Inventory or your items which you can pick up from monsters.

Community or your friends, guild,  guild academy, master and apprentices, your mate (you can marry on the game.. kinda corny i know :P), and party matching (where you can post notices like when you’re selling stuff or if you need help or if you uh obviously.. need a party).

Skills which is where you can use skill points to enhance your attacks (Note: skill points and stat points are not the same.)

 Quests which is where it shows the quests you’ve accepted to do. The max number of quests you can hold in 20.

Actions which is where you make your character laugh, dance, follow, etc.

Mini House: The place is where you can rest and heal your character.. you can’t rest if you’re by a NPC or a computerized character that sells stuff but is not actually played by a person like you or me or anyone else. This is also where your character can sell or buy stuff, also it can have different houses and when your character gets to level 25 you get get a new house, and by “Changing Outlook” it can change and heal your character faster.

Options: where you can change the sound, game, shortcut and graphic settings, and also where you can change characters and servers. This is also where you can log off the game.

*The Fiesta Store is where you can buy spark cash which is purchased by spending money on the site (5 bucks, 10 bucks whatever) and then you can buy these cool outfits or dress your character up and change their “do” and face and such. You can also buy leveling packs and pets that you can ride to help you get around the world, Isya, faster.

The world of Isya is big and so each realm of the land will have the monsters you need to kill to excel in the game. I sincerely hope that this has or will help you in the game. Until then, See you later… maybe in the game, who knows.

Parent’s Guide

Whew, thanks for still reading through that. If you’re a parent and here phrases like “plvl” or “sc” or something like that, those are shortened meaning or words like “plvl” mean plevel and pleveling mean to power level someone by helping them with their quests. “sc” means Spark cash, which above, it says what that is.

Yes, this is a big game but it has very very good graphics and most likely will not clog up your computer and will not give a virus. No, I’m not bluffing. Anyways hope this has been useful to you or your kids because let me tell you: it makes time pass by and you’ll be hooked for a very long time.. handy for long summers where there’s nothing to do.

     Have a great day. This is the end of my blog… for now. -Bobbie McCord 🙂