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Podcasts and RSS News Feeds

This is an interesting tidbit of information for today. Did you know that only 7% of the Web market is actually reading news via RSS news feeds, but 9% of the market is listening to and downloading podcasts?

I found it interesting that RSS still has so little acceptance in the wider market. Personally I watch blogs that I am interested in with a My Live portal page and then if I am interested I click in to read the full post. I find it easy and practical to be able to scan large amounts of content at a glance and cherry pick the items for the day that warrant my attention. It is surprising to me that more simply have not embraced the true power of RSS and continue to manage large bookmark files and click in to every blog that they watch.

Why do I like My Live as my RSS news aggregate? Well I used to use My Yahoo, but now with My Live I have a cleaner interface without ads. I think that it looks less cluttered.