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Bing Now Hits 10% of Searches

ComScore released the search market share results recently showing a nice increase in Bing’s market share. Bing has now hit over 10% of market share with Yahoo dropping to about 17%. That still leaves Google as the dominant player with over 65% market share.

What I find interesting is the feedback on Bing. Some of our writers use Bing first for writing research as the search results are more oriented to information than some of the spammy results for searches found on Google. Clients like Bing and are focused more on organic performance there. It appears that slowly the shift in consumer viewpoint and use of Bing is positively increasing.

Remember when Firefox was new and only 5% of the browser market? Look where Firefox is now a mainstream browser that is the first choice of many business networks and users worldwide. Could acceptance of Bing be headed in this same direction?

Personally I like the Bing interface it is clean, uncluttered and provides quality search results. It will be interesting to see if Google’s new Caffeine update addresses some of these issues and improves quality and has some of the most likable Bing tweaks.