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Social Bookmarking Not My Favorite Way to Boost SEO

I do like social bookmarking for some clients as a way to build one way inbound links, but I feel that there are better ways for other clients. Social bookmarking works great to build links for website and blog content that is timely, well written, and a hot web topic.

For the majority of business sites that focus on their own services, more mundane topics (although they could be of interest to a specific audience), social bookmarking may simply be too much trouble for the results that it generates. One big caveat is that if you have a well developed social bookmarking profile and many followers, you may have much better success than just opening an account and starting to bookmark away.

I find that if you are going to really invest time in building links a faster more sure way is to write article pieces and syndicate them on newsletter and content sites for others to grab while keeping in your bio block and link information. Even better is to see if you can guest write for a professional organization in your industry. The key here however is that any article you provide must be informational in nature and not focused on your own particular services.

Do I feel that social bookmarking has a place? Yes, absolutely, but it is labor intensive and best used for certain topics, content, and specific clients.


More on the New Digg Site and Why You Need to Try It Too

I spoke briefly about the new Digg in last month’s newsletter and this month I want to pass on my candid comments after having really used the application.

First, I really like it. It was easy to update my profile and the application allowed me to feed my blog, post my website URL, link in Facebook and tie in Twitter. In other words, it allowed me to create a complete profile that showcases my outreach programs to allow followers to get a broader picture of my online interaction.

But what I am finding is that Digg is not just about letting people know about you, it is about finding out what other people are talking about in your industry too.

I use many tools to stay on top of what is going on in my industry – RSS feeds, watching forums, monitoring important blogs, and watching certain users on Twitter. What I have found from my use of Digg is that I can more quickly get the “pulse” of what is happening by watching the Digg counts on topics and articles. I can search by topic, industry, and even keyword and then see what articles have been “Dugg” by others; rising to importance. I can then choose to click-in to read the full article and even “Digg” it myself to post it to my own personal profile.

This ability to see what is happening quickly on a topic is incredibly valuable. I find one of the hardest things as a busy professional is to identify who to watch with the time I have. Although I watch some very specific people and authority sites, I am aware that I could be missing legitimate new voices that are emerging in my industry or with new thoughts or applications by not watching a greater variety of sites and people. Digg allows me to do just that; watch people and topics that I maybe was not aware of and should be watching on a regular basis.

Digg now allows you to follow these key new people, almost in a Twitter-like way, so that once you find them in a Digg or topic search, you can monitor their traffic, social bookmarks, blog posts, and tweets. In some ways I think that this instant ability to track trending information may be more important to me in the long run than monitoring blog posts of people in my own industry.

In this world of rapid fire information exchange, it is important to know what to watch, what is trending, and what other industry experts are talking about. If you are active in your industry, this is another really great tool to maintain your edge over your competition.

You don’t have to be an Internet Marketing professional to use Digg. Digg can be valuable for any industry professional. To set up your own account and try out Digg visit http://www.digg.com. Don’t forget to follow us when you do your set up, our Digg page is http://www.digg.com/mccordweb.


The New Digg – The New Place To Be

I am watching the evolution of social bookmarking move from a link tool to a full fledged social platform. Digg is leading the charge with integration of new sharing and interaction features. You can check out my own Digg page and profile by visiting http://www.Digg.com/mccordweb.

I really like Digg’s new interface. I was able to update my profile and find new interesting articles to read and people to follow in a snap. Additionally I can see what is happening in my industry  in an overview from strong Digg placement rapidly. You can even tie in your blog, feed, Facebook and Twitter accounts to maximize interaction and exposure.

I use many tools to stay on top of what is happening in my industry – RSS feed subscription, forum reviews, Twitter Lists, and now Digg. I have to say I think Digg may end up being my most valuable tool from my early use of the application. Why? because it aggregates top new stories in my industries not just information from people who I have chosen to follow.

There is some terrific industry related content out there, but sometimes the hardest thing is to find out who to follow and to “dig” to uncover them. The new Digg makes it easy to see what is trending, I think, in an easier way than even Twitter hash tags.

Check out the new Digg for yourself and make sure to follow me at mccordweb and I will follow you if you leave your Digg profile name in my comments below.

See you on the new Digg! P.S. I am not being paid for this review, just think the new Digg is a totally cool new application to use.


Getting Banned on Reddit!

Wow, Reddit is tough! If they don’t like your content or you don’t get enough article views, just plan on getting your account closed, all your links dropped, and your user account banned. All without letting you know anything short of “we don’t like the quality of the content you are linking to.” In my case, the content was in real estate!

What I have found is that Reddit will not like you if you are using their service to create backlinks to content that although may be unique is not catchy, trendy, or from their view point newsworthy.

Although Reddit has a Google PageRank of 8 and does allow dofollow links, be very careful what you ad. You can identify if they are targeting to drop you by the note that says you are adding too many links when you are simply adding three links a week. Additionally they will display a note you are adding links too fast add this link in one hour. Hey, the last time I added a link was Monday and it is now Wednesday, how is that too fast?

Well enough on my rant on Reddit. Just be cautious what you add is your very best quality and you may want to consider not using this service for clients where you can’t control content.


SocialPoster Making Social Bookmarking Easier

Social bookmarking can be time consuming, but if you break adding your links down into manageable posting chunks you can receive the link benefits with less effort. I like www.SocialPoster.com for my posting help.

First, I prepare my links and descriptions in Notepad. Make sure to turn off word wrap to prevent posting spacing issues.

Second, make sure before you start that you have logged into all your accounts and set your login cookies.

Third, copy and paste your posting information from Notepad into the SocialPoster interface. Tick off the social bookmarking sites you will be using and then click “Start Posting”.

No submissions are automatic, but for some sites, SocialPoster will autofill your submission allowing you to work more quickly. You may only have to enter the tags or a description instead of the full link submission.

P.S. Social Poster has not paid me for this blog post. I just think that their free online application is a real help and wanted to share it with you.


Social Bookmarking Best Practices

Social bookmarking is a great way to easily start building one way inbound links to your website. There are a few things that I have found out that I wanted to share with you from my use of social bookmarking over the last several months.

  1. Don’t waste time using automated software or services. All the sites have worked to defeat the use of any automated entries with catchpas and other scripting techniques including even sensing the time and quality of your submissions.
  2. Don’t add all your bookmarks on one day. I space mine out on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule with one link per service per day.
  3. Use your top pages or blog posts that are on viral newsworthy topics to generate incoming traffic.
  4. The sites that generate the most traffic for me are Reddit and Stumble Upon. I use others, but in my referrer logs these are the most active services that send me website traffic in addition to links.

One more tip I use SocialPoster.com to make this labor intensive process of adding bookmarks a wee bit easier.

Social bookmarking is still a new service for us, but we are finding that for link generation it does have value and is less expensive for the client than article marketing.