I’m Watching Pininterest

There’s a lot of buzz in my industry on Pininterest and it is definitely a site you’ll want to be watching. For now, here are a few links to check out some cool boards that showcase what you can do on Pininterest.

Photo of one board so you can an idea.

Pininterest board showing creative pictures of a sleeping baby – very creative.

Pininterest home page.

Get an invitation to Pininterest.

In a nutshell, this is what Pininterest is:

A visual bulletin board of images with links pointing back to your website or blog. Allows for others to share your board and items on their own boards.

Why would a business want to use Pininterest?

For an e-commerce stores that sell clothes, jewelry, and other fashion products, this may be one very hot way to market products and encourage social sharing to drive more sales. Just take a look at a few of the fashion Pininterest boards where ensembles have been created as suggestive selling to get an idea how this new platform could be used for marketing.

I definitely consider Pininterest a site to watch. There have been huge numbers of new members and extraordinary press exposure on this new platform. I recommend keeping an eye on this one!