Interesting Tidbits on the AdWords Conversion Optimizer

Here are some great tidbits gleaned from a Google sponsored seminar I attended recently on Google AdWords and the Conversion Optimizer.

  1. Using the Conversion Optimizer increases conversions an average of 21%.
  2. The Conversion Optimizer decreases the cost per acquisition (CPA) on the average 14%.
  3. The Conversion Optimizer will modify top converting keyword bids aggressively for position.
  4. It alters each unique bid by the user’s location, time of day, and operating system.
  5. Google recommends using the Target CPA versus Max. CPA setting.

I really like the Conversion Optimizer and have found that it really does work to increase leads and decrease costs. You will need a minimum of 15 conversions in a 30 day period to enable settings.

The difference between Target CPA and Max. CPA are noted below.

Target CPA The average amount you want to pay for each conversion. I have personally found that this setting may not be best for every account.

Max. CPA The most you want to pay for a conversion. More of my client accounts use this setting. If Target CPA does not provide results I move clients to the Max. CPA at a higher or recommended setting. I have seen accounts drop in conversions when I move from Max. CPA to Target CPA.

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