Interesting Tidbits on AdWords Display Advertising

Here are some very interesting tidbits of information on advertising in the Google AdWords Display Network you may not have known that I wanted to share with you. This information was gleaned from a Google sponsored seminar I attended.

  1. Adding a Display Network ad program to your AdWords account can increase brand recall by 124%.
  2. Adding a Display Network ad program to your AdWords account  will increase purchase intent by 31%.
  3. Nearly 4 in 10 people will see your Display Network ad and then do a Google search on your company name or product and then visit your website.
  4. After seeing a Display Network ad customers are 140% more likely to click on and organic search link.

Wow, that’s some interesting data! Seems like the impact and exposure you garner from advertising in the Display Network goes well beyond just brand name exposure.

I have found the best scenario for using the Display Network in AdWords is to:

  1. Create separate campaigns in mature programs.
  2. Make sure to create text as well as display ads – I love the Display Ad Builder.
  3. Carefully monitor exposure and conversion rate and don’t get spun up on CTR or click through rate.

When you are ready to try AdWords Display Network advertising, make sure to contact us for help on setting up your Google AdWords advertising program.