Game Reviews for Parents – Club Penguin

Elementary girls and tweens love this game called Club Penguin. Boys like it too, but typically want more action and prefer Runescape, Silk Road or Voyage Century.

At Club Penguin your kids can dress up like Penguins and waddle around and collect pins, play games like Bean Counter and party at the dance room. They can buy items, go sledding on the mountain and play “rock the ice”. Also the kids can participate in holiday events, gather unique once offered items, become an agent and solve mysteries, and much more.

My two girls like Club Penguin and want to login every day to collect their pins. Here’s where having a computer time monitor is a good idea, we use ComputerTime. As with all online games, kids can easily lose control of the amount of time that they are online and as Club Penguin is fun and can be addictive.

I think Club Penguin is great. It may be too tame for older teens, seventh graders and up, but is wildly popular with the elementary school set. You can click our post title to visit Club Penguin for yourself to see why you too should be waddling around collecting pins!


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