Choosing and Effective Domain Name

Choosing an effective domain name is an important part of creating your Web visibility plan, but not the main driver of website success.

If your company name or abbreviation is not available, then you may want to consider using keywords in your domain name. Don’t worry about .com or .us, search engines will get visitors to your site regardless of which one you use. But stay away from .net, .info, and .org if you are a commercial business. Here are our tips for selecting an effective domain name.

1. If your company name is not available as a .com consider a .us or try an abbreviated version of your company name. .Org and .net usually are for non-profits and communications firms respectively stay away from these unless they are a good fit for your business type.

2. Choose a name that will grow with your business. When we started our firm name was McCord Web Design. Our main domain selected at that time was Now our business name has changed to McCord Web Services and our domain name still fits with our core business. We do own and though and you should definitely consider locking up your domain name variations for future use.

3. If you choose multiple keywords for your domain name, separate them with hyphens particularly if you are not doing print advertising. A search engine will read this domain differently than The first will actually help you with search engines as your domain when referenced in absolute links throughout your website will build keyword density on your top keyword “MD real estate”. A search engine will read the second domain as just a string and not differentiate the words in the phrase not allowing any keyword density benefits when used.

4. If you are going to use your domain frequently in print advertising stick with something short and with a .com ending. Try not to do hyphens or confuse others by having a .net, .info ending etc when your main domain .com is taken. You run the risk of driving traffic to the wrong website; the one that holds your name but with a .com ending as reader will type in a .com usually without thinking.

5. Short is better! I’ve seen really long domain names, and these are fraught with problems as they can be misspelled any number of ways. Choose something that reflects your business. We have one client named H & R Mortgage choose as her domain when all other variations of her name were not available. This domain is a very workable example of what to do when what you want is not available.

6. Don’t freak out if your domain in .com is not available. There are so few .coms left that .us for American companies is totally okay. Remember, search engines will list your website by organic placement and all a reader does is click the link to get to you, so your domain name really becomes crucial for print advertising and as a keyword strategy in some cases.

These are just a few tips about choosing an effective domain name, but remember it is the content on your website that gets you placement and traffic not what domain name you actually choose.


The Value of a Good AdWords Account Manager

You can do Google AdWords on your own right? So why would you need an account manager?

Sure, you can do AdWords on your own and even manage your own account and get results, but an effective account manager can help you to get more value from AdWords. Here are a few examples of items an account manager can help you with.

1. Make sure that you have website statistics installed or can help you get Google Analytics installed so you have valid metrics for measurement of success.

2. Make sure that you have conversion tracking implemented for your Google AdWords program and that you have it properly implemented on your website. Again metrics!

3. Perform keyword research to assure that you have the “money” words on your account as well as to make sure that your keyword list is targeted to your services.

4. Set up your account architecture to maximize returns. Grouping ad groups by geographic location, keyword importance to your program, and service theme are all ways that a good account manager will get your account going right.

5. Monitor your cost per click based on the marketplace, evaluating ad position on the query page, positioning your ads based on return on investment so you get exposure but without breaking your budget.

A good account manager will help your account to hit the ground running and to position your program for success. If you are looking for an effective Google AdWords account manager, I invite you to review our account management program for consideration.