The Value of a Good AdWords Account Manager

You can do Google AdWords on your own right? So why would you need an account manager?

Sure, you can do AdWords on your own and even manage your own account and get results, but an effective account manager can help you to get more value from AdWords. Here are a few examples of items an account manager can help you with.

1. Make sure that you have website statistics installed or can help you get Google Analytics installed so you have valid metrics for measurement of success.

2. Make sure that you have conversion tracking implemented for your Google AdWords program and that you have it properly implemented on your website. Again metrics!

3. Perform keyword research to assure that you have the “money” words on your account as well as to make sure that your keyword list is targeted to your services.

4. Set up your account architecture to maximize returns. Grouping ad groups by geographic location, keyword importance to your program, and service theme are all ways that a good account manager will get your account going right.

5. Monitor your cost per click based on the marketplace, evaluating ad position on the query page, positioning your ads based on return on investment so you get exposure but without breaking your budget.

A good account manager will help your account to hit the ground running and to position your program for success. If you are looking for an effective Google AdWords account manager, I invite you to review our account management program for consideration.