WordPress Content Field Broken

I just solved the very weirdest WordPress problem and wanted to share the resolution with you. One of our client’s has a WordPress blog, and our blogger emailed today to say that the add a link field was totally whited out and what should she do.

 I logged into the blog and found that I could not even get my cursor to lay on the post box, I could add a title and tags, but could not write a post.

The bottom line resolution was in options and under the address for the blog, it had been changed to http://WWW.blog.com and previously had been set as http://blog.com no WWW.  The admin link on the blog was http://blog.com no www.  When I now access the admin with a www. in front of the URL everything works just peachy, I can see the link field, I can see and write a post. Now the admin link in the sidebar needs to be corrected to reflect the www. addition.

Who would have thought that hours would bring the answer with such a simple solution. So if your content box is broken on WordPress, if you are getting post editing JavaScript errors in WordPress, or if you cannot edit your WordPress blog, try this simple change before you start hacking your code. It has taken me five hours of research to resolve my little problem so I hope that you personally start with my post first and save tons of time. 


May Newsletter Published

Click our blog post title to read our May newsletter. Topics are:

  1. Getting Links the Easy Way with “Link Bait” Articles
  2. Build Search Engine “Authority Links” with Press Releases
  3. Become an Authority On the Web in Your Field by Blogging

Finally Blogger Gets Auto Publish

Blogger has finally gotten the feature that we wanted most! Auto Publish.

 Now you can enter your post in Blogger and set the date when you want to publish. For some of us who write ahead and want to schedule posts this is a very welcome addition.

Thanks Blogger!