Using Squidoo For Organic Search Placement

I don’t do much with Squidoo but I have a client that I blog for that has really used Squidoo to garner organic search placement. I think that the approach that he has taken is actually very savvy, time consuming, but savvy.

If you don’t know what Squidoo is check it out now. Squidoo allows you to easily set up a targeted one page content page in their network called a lens. This lens is best if it is very narrow and very keyword dense. Sounds easy, but you will have to use the custom advanced page interface to create this kind of mini website.

My client’s optimization team has literally created hundreds of Squidoo pages on one topic pointing to his main website. When the specific topic is searched, his Squidoo page does appear above his regular website. We are actively pointing blog posts to his Squidoo pages to build links and authority as his blog resides outside of his main web domain.

I have tested Squidoo myself and find it is similar to setting up a LinkedIn or Facebook page; modular in nature, but can be time consuming. If you have loads of time or deep pockets to pay someone else to create these pages for you, I can see that it is a very workable strategy, but not one that I am adopting for my own business at this time, but it is interesting to see how others are using Squidoo.

Here’s a link to our Squidoo page so you can see what one looks like. Ours is on search engine optimization.


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