Google Chrome – No IE Smasher

Well I downloaded Google Chrome on Tuesday and have taken it for a run. Yawn, it is just another browser you’ll download and then discard. I personally found it highly unexciting and too simple in design. Simple can be good, but Google Chrome is not even classic in design.

The one thing that I did like was the ability to drag a URL directly from the address bar into a bar spot for a super easy bookmark. However, I found the inability to nail down the bookmarks to a side bar location like I do with IE 7 annoying to say the least.

Will Google Chrome be more than a novelty? Probably not. Of course there are some people who like anything new and will try it and swear by it, but I am still sticking with IE 7. I like the polish and finesse of IE 7.

You might be thinking, she doesn’t like it because it’s new. No, I am not adverse to change, but I have to tell you for as much time as I am online, I need a workhorse browser, one that makes things easy for me. I want bookmarks and favorites where I want them, I want a slim control profile, I want secure browsing sure, but I want one that is easy to use too.