Domain Name Ending School

The most popular domain name endings are .com, .org, and .us. But most of us without thinking will enter .com if we do not know the ending first. But did you know that the endings are actually meant for certain business sectors?

.com is for anyone

.org is typically reserved for non profits

.net is typically reserved for Internet communicators firms and telecommunications

However with the glut of website all this has been turned on its ear when a business cannot find its name in it preferred .com state. If you choose a domain ending other than .org and you are non profit, will you get a legal note demanding that you change. No, of course not, but I recommend that you check first to see if you can find your domain name with the correct – best business practices ending first, and then look outward to other domain name endings.

If your domain name is not available as a .com, I suggest considering the .us (if you are a US business), a .biz, or the new .pro (if you are a lawyer or other licensed professional). It is always best to try to stay within ICANN guidelines on domain names, but with the few .com’s that are still available you may need to consider branching out.


10 thoughts on “Domain Name Ending School”

  1. So why, unlike the rest of the world, do we in the US not use the .US suffix by default. Why is it that .com, .org, .net and especially .gov are accepted as (probably) being US owned sites?

    Was not the intention that these ‘stateless’ suffix’s be used for global concerns, i.e. those multinational companies / organisations who operate in more than one country instead of Joe’s hardware store down on the corner of Main and Firth?

    Is .gov being used by our US government sites not just arrogant? Just my thoughts on world domain harmony!!

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