Enjoying the Season

You know, you can actually work too much! Some of my customers disagree with this, but I feel that you can. I personally am making an effort this year to be off when my kids are out of school or out of school early. I feel that balance between work and family is hugely important particularly around this time of year.

I find that having time with my kids and husband provide the power charge that I need to be able to go full throttle in my business. Without their energy boost, I know that I could easily burn myself out by working all the time. I have clients all around the world so there are phone calls up to late at night and sales I could be making if I didn’t put constraints on my work schedule to have time for my husband and family.

So keep this in mind when I tell you that I will not be working between Christmas and New Year’s this year. I want to take my family snow tubing in the mountains in northern Maryland, go to the newly opened Smithsonian Museum of American History, and take my family to Hillwood Estate museum in Washington where I just became a member.

What will you be doing this holiday season? Working? Traveling? Hopefully you can take a respite from work and enjoy your family while they are on break and get your batteries recharged too. From all of us here at McCord Web Services, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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