How to Upload and Tag Photos on Facebook

This tip is for all new Facebook users that can’t seem to find out how it all works. Don’t worry, I had the same problem when I first started to use Facebook. The transition form MySpace to Facebook was strange.

Step one, on uploading pictures, first, find the “Photo” link on your screen. It should be located in the upper right quarter under “Applications”. Click the link and it will bring you to a page showing everyone’s pictures. Go to “My Photo’s” at the top of the screen right below “Home” then it will take you to your albums. Depending on which album you wish to add the photo to, click “Edit Album”. Then from there it will give you the option to “Add Photos”.

Now to tag photos, all you need to do when you upload them is click the “Tag Photo” option. Then, just select the face of the person you wish to tag and find them on your friends list that pops up.

If they do not have a Facebook profile, give them a name in a little writing bar Facebook supplies. If you ever want to tag older photos just go to “Photos” then “My Photos” and click on the album in which the picture is located. After this, find the picture and just click on the face from the line of photos you have. You will be able to tell you can tag the photo because your cursor will show up as a cross hair. It will show you the list of friends once again and you just choose their name.

Why tag someone in a photo?
When you tag someone that person will now see this newly tagged photo on their profile page. Other Facebook users can now identify who people are to then in turn visit their profile and check them out as a possible new friend.

Also when you are tagged in a photo all your friends will see this photo on their entry page under updates letting others see what you are doing and who is photographing and tagging you.

Uploading and tagging photos simply makes your interaction on Facebook more fun and personal.

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  1. Thanks Chris…this is great…just now doing my migration over to Facebook so I need all the help I can get.

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