Instant Messaging Acronyms

Have you ever wondered what your kids are saying in their IM sessions or on games chatting with friends with those strange acronyms? Well no need to wonder any more I am going to give you a quick run through of all the acronyms I see most frequently.

  • LoL – laugh out loud
  • WTF –  you might want to look out for this one, if you see it you will want to have a talk with your kids about cursing.
  • ASL – this stands for Age/ Sex/ Location ( if someone is asking this they probably dint know your kid and you shouldn’t let them talk to this person, for safety reasons)
  • ASAP – as soon as possible
  • BRB – be right back
  • BTW – by the way
  • FYI – for your information
  • GTG or G2G – got to go
  • IDC – I don’t care
  • JK – just kidding
  • OMG – oh my God

These are the top ten I see when talking on the Internet to people on games or on AIM (AOL instant messenger) and other instant messenger systems. Just keep your eyes open for your kids using or receiving some of these messages.