Outspark’s Fiesta User Game Review

Fiesta is the game sweeping kids around the globe by storm. I interviewed a player to see what all the commotion was about. It seems she couldn’t pick just one feature about the game to be her favorite, but here are some she mentioned. First was that she liked to use it for chat and the second was because she feels it has good graphics. I must say as a gamer, graphics are a big part of liking a game; it’s all about how it looks.

 I asked her why she liked the game for chatting because there are plenty of ways to chat without a game being involved. She said none of her friends liked using AIM or other chat windows. Also her mother doesn’t want her to use them.

Next, I asked her, why do you buy enhancements that last under 30 days? (Mind you she spends real money on this) she answered 30 days is a long time to me and its only $5. Also I asked about marriage because I thought it was funny that characters would want to get married on a game. She said she doesn’t want to get married now, and didn’t say why others did it. All she said was that you have to pay for the marriage as well and the dress costs around $15 real dollars.

I then asked about hair coupons and what they do. She said the coupons are only $5 and they alloy you to change everything about your character’s face and you can even switch sexes. To close it up, I asked if a lot of people curse and what happens when they do, since this is a child’s game. She said there is cursing, but it is all blocked out and she doesn’t see it happen very often.

I hope you find this player review useful and can help you make a decision on whether to let your kids play the game.


3 thoughts on “Outspark’s Fiesta User Game Review”

  1. Never paid a thing and enjoyed myself with four different characters each up to level 20.

    Yes, of course I kept out of the dungeons, as I wanted to be really strong for “extra quests”, so my knowledge there is zero.

    Do you mean then that you have to use real money from level 90 (ninety) onwards?
    Then there are only 15 levels to complete!

    So, what is worthier of our time, please?

  2. Balance wise fiesta one of worst games I ever played. Low lvls easy, but playing after 9x becomes impossible without heavy investment of real money, you cannot do some dungeons without using sc items, and you cannot even properly grind for exp without store boosts.

    Outspark terrible as company, they keep promising to rebalance everything, but time passes, and nothing changes.

    Seriously, if you wanna try some nice and balanced mmorpg, dont bother with neither fiesta, nor outspark, find something more worthy your time…. And your money.

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