Proof Blogging Helps Your Organic Placement

You know I was surprised by a customer yesterday. He called to chat about our organic search optimization services. He told me that he had done a Google search on best organic optimization and that my site was placed highly.

In fact I checked it out after our chat as I do not optimize on that keyword phrase and the optimization business is very competitive on the Web and he was right my site was placed but in position 41. What was even more interesting was that it was not my website that had caught his eye, but my blog post titled “What Should You Expect to Pay for Optimization”.

He found me and liked what he saw from a web search that had returned my blog and then followed links from my blog into my website and then picked up the phone to call me.

You never know how a client will find you, but this is clear proof that topical blog posts that are keyword dense will place organically on search engines and act as entry points for prospects to find you and purchase your services.

Now he thought my placement was great, but I had never even optimized for that phrase and think that actually number 41 is low relatively, but I got the phone call not someone else.

If you want to get blogging working for you, now’s the time to visit our blogging services page to review our program and then pick up the phone to call me to chat about your needs and how we can work to bring you leads too.